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Cluster Headache Relief

My Background

This is VERY long, but Please Read It All.  I am NOT Selling Anything.  I Just Need to share Personal Experience with Cluster Headaches(CH) and the Prevention Solutions I have found over the last 20 Years of Suffering.  And suffering is an understatement, I know YOU know if you are reading this.  My cycles usually last 4 to 6 months with up to 3-4 attacks daily, usually at night for me just after falling to sleep.  If I try to take a nap during the day, BAM, there it is.  It is indeed a Hypothalamus issue.  BUT, my personal findings are that it has less to do with our Circadian Rhythm versus our Endocrine System.  Not only is the Hyopthalamus an integral part of the Central Nervous System, but it also regulates processes of the Endocrine System and is also regarded as an organ of the Limbic System.  THIS is the key to what I am going to show you.  I bet you will run straight to your Grocery Store for these items by the time you finish reading this if you are currently in a Cluster Cycle LOL. 

I only share what I have found works for me.  Talk to your personal Doctor if you think you will get honest answers.  Better hope he has done the same 5000+ hours of research on this topic that I have over the past 18 years to arrive at My Personal Conclusions.  I also have picked the brains of 4 Neurologists, one of whom was instrumental in having Oxygen Therapy become an approved treatment for CH in the VA Medical System.  I was lucky, I was the first patient he gave oxygen to and it worked.  Still took me an additional 16 years to get where I am today, pretty much complete relief from this affliction.  I am still looking into the root cause to be honest, this is solely an abortive and preventative treatment.  It does not keep you from still having cycles, just makes them rather painless.  Plus All Natural, it is just certain minerals and salt, all of which you get at your local grocery store.  I do not think this shortens the cycle, if I stop treatment, the headaches do return if I am still in the cycle.  My cycles are of the type where I have an almost continuous Aura, then it heightens and Bam, CH.  This actually keeps me from even having the aura if I stay on schedule, if I slip up, I get the aura and can still abort the attack from getting me.  Next I will show you what I do to control this CH issue, in the section following that I expand on where my research is leading me.  Wait until you see how simple and cheap this is, you are gonna freak out. 

My Treatment Plan

Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, D3 Supplements, Sea Salt(Table Salt is just fine) and Water.  *Milk can be subtituted for both Calcium and Vitamin d3.  These are ALL common nutrients you should be getting in food, but most of us do not get enough, and I think the CH syndrome screws with them a bit in our body.  My personal dosing is as follows:

Take the following TWICE a Day with a bit of food to aid in absorption, it doesn't need to be a meal, just something.

  • 250 mg - Magnesium
  • 10 - 15 mg - Zinc
  • * 500 mg - Calcium
  • * 100 IU - Vitamin d3
* Can drink Milk to replace Calcium and D3 above, it would be approx -- 14 Ounces.

** Please read the labels closely when using minerals, you really don't want to go over these amounts daily unless you already do for some reason. If you take other medicine(s) or have other conditions, it is best to tell your doctor you intend to take these OTC Supplements. If he tries to talk you out of any of these, get a Damn Good reason not to, you are supposed to be eating them in your diet anyways. Also, even the salt level is now within the new 4000 mg recommendation. Your doctor may not even be familiar with this, and these are studies registered with the American National Institute of Health(NIH). The old 2300 mg US-RDA of salt is NOT enough to stay healthy for any person, do read up.

Now the Salt and Bottled/Well-Filtered Water. Sea Salt is preferred for this because you dissolve it under your tongue.  Table Salt is kind of Harsh and Biting feeling vs the Sea Salt. 

  • 1 Teaspoon of TABLE Salt or 1-1/8 Teaspoon of SEA SALT.  Please use a measuring spoon.  This should equal approx 2300 mg of Sodium.  Break this up in 6 Equal Parts(Doses).
  • 5 Bottles of Water - 12 - 17 ounces (standard bottled water)

  •   6 AM - Dissolve 1 dose of salt under your tongue, try not to swallow, it just kind of disappears from your mouth in 1 minute or so.  Wait 5 minutes and drink Half of a bottle of water(8 oz), then drink the rest of the bottle at your own pace.
  •   10 AM - Repeat Salt and Water
  •    2 PM - Repeat Salt and Water
  •    6 PM - Repeat Salt and Water
  •   10 PM - Repeat Salt and Water

  •   If you wake up in the night - Repeat Salt and a Few ounces of Water
Basically you are just taking the Salt and Water every 4 hours Starting Immediately upon Waking in the Morning.

That's It!  I have been Using this Plan for 3 yrs now, it Works for Me, and I Pray it does for You Too.  It actually has helped my Overall Health and more than a few people I know said it helped with their Anxiety too.  The salt and water part is a variation I found on a Holistic Medicne website somewhat adjusted.  They claim it works for all kinds of things as it boosts your immune system.  **Do not exceed 40 mg of Zinc in a day as the NIH says it starts to lower immunity just like not having enough(11 mg/day RDA).  Make sure you are getting enough B12 as you need it for your body to process these minerals correctly.  I guess we really do need a Good Diet to be healthy :)

These findings have now led me on a path for the underlying cause of the endocrine system defect that seems to affect us on a cyclic basis.  It's interesting these simple nutrients solve the problem.  I am looking into why we need it sometimes(during a cluster cycle), but are just fine other times.  There has to be an answer close at hand.  The above findings indicate it has to do with Body Hydration control by the Hypothalamus and it's control of the Thyroid as well as other things.  The above regime simply re-hydrates your body which allows your blood vessels to contract back to a normal state relieving the pain of the Cluster Headache.  You'll notice that I am talking about body hydration Yet mysteriously Potassium is not mentioned.  There is something in this that holds one of the keys to the underlying cause in my opinion.  Potassium seems to make this treatment not work as well, this might also explain why banannas are a trigger for some people with Migraine Issues.  I have no data at all whether this may be helpful as a preventative for Migraine Headaches as well.  I would love for a few migraine sufferers to try it and contact me with their experience. 

Support My Research

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 I am NOT a Doctor.  This is NOT Medical Advice. 

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